Live music spices up lunch hour at the Law Library



    On the first Friday of every month at noon, live music replaces the usual studious silence of the Howard W. Hunter Law Library.

    “This was started to give students a break from studying for a short time, or to study to beautiful music,” said Kaye Peterson, who has been organizing the concerts since they began three years ago.

    According to Peterson, the afternoon concerts are held every month during the school year, from September through April on the main floor of the law library, by the garden window.

    Carolyn Stewart, law school administrative assistant, has been regularly attending the concerts since they began.

    “It is a chance for students to sit back on their lunch hour and listen to good performances, which are really well done by people who have real talent,” Stewart said.

    The event usually features talent of students and faculty from Brigham Young University, but there have been a wide variety of performers.

    Last month, the four BYU finalists for the Metropolitan Opera performed, Peterson said, and the library has hosted Utah Opera Company, Celtic groups and acoustic guitarists, as well as many others.

    The cellists of BYU perform in February, including the BYU Ladies Cello Quartet, and solos by Ramona Jacob, winner of the Utah Symphony’ “Salute to Youth” honor, and Nathan Jasinski, a graduating senior who toured Europe as a soloist last spring.

    The program includes works by Bach, Kodaly, Rachmaninoff and Goltermann.

    Gayle Smith, director of the cellists, said, “The cello is the closest sound to the human voice. This instrument encompasses all the voices of a choir.”

    Although this is their first performance at the law school, the BYU Ladies Cello Quartet was heard at the Feb. 1 devotional, and is scheduled to tour Nevada in March.

    “The sound of four cellos is a beautiful almost haunting sound-hauntingly beautiful,” Smith said.

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