Man arrested in Orem suspected of 25 burglaries



    An Orem man suspected in a number of recent local burglaries was arrested midnight on Jan. 27, after allegedly breaking into Hansen Chiropractic located at 100 S. State St, according to Utah County Major Crimes Task Force.

    Officers spotted a vehicle at Hansen Chiropractic linked to the suspect. They pulled into the lot and arrested Carlos Whitaker, 21, of Orem, as he walked out of the doctor’s office, Lt. Stan Eggen said.

    A female was also taken into custody.

    “We don’t know what her involvement is. Farther down the road, we will figure that information out,” Eggen said.

    In the past month, Whitaker is suspected of having allegedly robbed 21 businesses and four residential homes in Utah County, Lt. Stan Eggen said.

    The Task Force started to monitor Whitaker and the various cars he drove during the month, Eggen said.

    “We were pretty sure he was the right guy and then we just followed him for a little while,” Eggen said.

    Now in custody, Whitaker has been cooperative in returning the stolen property to burglarized residents.

    “He took silver from an elderly lady in Provo and we got it back for her. So we’ve been really lucky in getting stuff back in this case,” Eggen said.

    After midnight on Jan 27, the Task Force also arrested a stolen vehicle ring of five men, Eggen said.

    “A lot of Ford Probes were taken recently and we wondered why Ford Probes?” Eggen said.

    The suspects were caught driving a Ford Probe that they allegedly stole, and was taken into custody.

    “Two vehicles were recovered,” Eggen said. “The first was a Ford Probe stolen in Pleasant Grove and the other was a 1994 Dodge pickup truck that was unhooked and left by the side of the road in Midvale.”

    The group also turned over a master key that they made. They had allegedly used the key to break into any Probe, Eggen said.

    The five Provo/Orem residents taken into custody were Nathan Thayne, 21; Jarod Bauers, 20; Richard Miranda, 42; Jamie Boren, 19; and Lance Fausett, 21.

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