Job hunting made easier by online services



    For students wandering through the murky swamps of student employment services, an online rescue may be just a click away.

    Students staying in Utah for the summer can find on-campus jobs through BYU’s Millennium system.

    All on-campus jobs are posted on the Web site. Job summaries and contact information are given, and students have the opportunity to apply for a job online.

    Shannon Kamrowski, 20, a senior from Tucson, Ariz., majoring in Business Management, found a job through the Millennium system.

    “It was really easy,” Kamrowski said.

    She said she enjoyed the convenience of searching for a job at any time of the day.

    “It’s not constrained by office hours,” Kamrowski said.

    Kristina Rodriguez, 20, a junior from Sunnyvale, Calif., majoring in Business Management, said she liked the online process but the search features could be better.

    “If you put the pay rate at $6 it brings up anything with a six in it,” Rodriguez said.

    The Millennium system seems to be working well for most students who try it.

    Debra Foutz, assistant manager at Student Employment Services, said that in a survey of about 500 students who were employed by BYU and used Millennium to search for new jobs, the majority preferred the Millennium system to old methods.

    Students leaving Provo for the summer may find relief from the craze of long distance job hunting commercial Web sites.

    One drawback of using the commercial sites is that the majority of jobs listed on them entail long-term commitments; however, short-term jobs can be discovered on some sites. One such site,, is hosted by Microsoft.

    The site allows users to search by job type and location. There are also articles offering advice on topics ranging from resumes to job interviews, but there is no feature for posting a resume online for potential employers to view., on the other hand, allows users to post resumes online.

    On, users can also research jobs at specific companies either by company name or by location. and are just two Web sites that offer job searches.

    Another alternative is America’s Job Bank, which cooperates with all 50 states to offer national exposure of their job listings.

    According to their Web site, the U.S. Department of Labor and the Public Employment Service are partnered to form AJB.

    The site also says AJB has a network of 1,800 offices around the country and has been connecting people with jobs for more than 60 years.

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