Letter to the editor: Too much infant attention


    In response to Tuesday’s article of the mother pleading with the student body to leave her baby alone. Was that a joke? If your baby is in fact “the cutest on campus” (which is debatable), how can you expect all those “baby-hungry single women” to leave it alone? It’s not the baby’s fault it gets so much attention, nor is it the students that play with her, it is the fault of the person who totes her around.

    Next, if you are so worried about the hygiene safety of your daughter, the worst place to bring her is a crowded campus where hundreds of airborne illnesses are transferred. You probably transmit germs just as much as other students do by touching the desks and doorknobs of the school and then handling your daughter.

    Most students probably do not appreciate their classes being interrupted by your crying daughter. We have paid for our tuition just like you have. How dare you pinch your baby to make her cry as an excuse to leave class early. That’s called child abuse. Not only is it painful to your daughter, but also is disruptive to the class.

    We understand that as a last option, you may have to bring your child with you to class once in a while, but if you do so, don’t complain about others around you. It was your choice to bring her to school. You could have opted to have one parent stay at home to watch her, while the other attends school or works.

    Sounds to us like bringing your baby to class is not benefitting you, your baby or your fellow students. Why don’t you arrange to keep her at home?

    I feel sorry for your daughter, because apparently she has selfish parents that are not concerned with her best interests. However I will not feel sorry for her when she is stuck-up and conceited after years of mommy telling everyone that she was the cutest baby at BYU.

    Jennifer Fox Chase Fox

    Apple Valley, Calif. Spanish Fork

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