Letter to the editor: Nudity in the locker room


    How many of you have seen your classmates unclothed? How about your professors? If you haven’t, come to the men’s locker room at BYU where there are plenty of faculty and students willing to bare all.

    Apparently, the Honor Code does not apply in the locker room since nudity is so widely displayed and accepted. If a guy goes up to “the cage,” he’ll be turned away if he isn’t clean shaven, but he’ll receive full services even if he is naked. What’s worse?

    Also, doesn’t anyone have courtesy and respect for fellow children of God? Of course it is understandable if you need to shower or change your clothes in the locker room — that’s what it’s for — but, for crying out loud, if you are walking to or from the shower, don’t leave the towel draped over your shoulder. Put it around your waist and show respect for others and for your own body.

    Along the same lines, can’t you put on your clothes before you shave, use the bathroom or stand in line to get clean clothes? No one should have to look the other way while a naked guy next to him puts on deodorant for 10 minutes. Is there a rule that you have to be naked to perform these activities?

    It’s time to get some priorities and modesty should be one of them. Don’t flaunt. That’s all there is to it. The other day, I saw three 10-year-old boys visit the locker room. Upon entering, they were appalled and shouted, “Hey, he’s naked!” They should not have been victims to such immodest behavior and neither should anyone else at BYU. It’s time to change — and put on some clothes.

    Todd Sears

    Lynnwood, Wash.

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