Women’s golf takes swing in Hawaii



    Excited to be going to Hawaii and anxious to play golf, the BYU women’s golf team has its last tournament of the fall in Oahu this week.

    “It’s the coolest thing just to get to go to Hawaii. If you play good or bad, it doesn’t really matter — you’re still in Hawaii,” said team member Teal Thron.

    However, Thron said if the team does play well in the tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be in good standing for rankings next spring. Team member Nicole Parry said the team is ready for this tournament and expects the players to do well. She said the five women who are going are well prepared to play competitively.

    With a trip to Hawaii at stake, the women have had six intense qualifying rounds during the past two weeks. Team member Carrie Summerhays said playing so much recently has made the team better and more competitive. The team hopes to keep that competitive edge during this tournament.

    “We want to finish this part of the season on a good note,” Parry said. “Everyone on the team is extremely capable of shooting low scores. We just have to take one hole at a time and keep our heads on straight.”

    Thron said the BYU women have made goals to beat certain teams this year. Most of the higher-ranked schools play together often during the season and BYU hopes to beat a few of those teams during this tournament. Parry likes the beach, but she is more excited to play golf.

    “I’m at the top of my game right now, so I’m excited to just play golf,” Parry said. “I’ve always gotten pretty good scores in Hawaii. There’s something about being in Hawaii — you just can’t play bad golf there.”

    Thron is also looking forward to golfing in the exotic land of Hawaii. She said golfers really enjoy seeing different architecture and grasses at new courses.

    Team members feel a little extra pressure for this tournament since it’s the last one of the season. Thron said she feels the pressure to perform well so she can finish strong. Team members want to leave a positive impression in the minds the coaches so the team can start strong next spring. Team members hope Hawaii will provide that opportunity.

    Aside from golfing, the women plan to attend the Polynesian Cultural Center, play at the beach and try some body surfing. Summerhays said she will take some schoolbooks to study on the plane, but after her feet touch the ground in Hawaii, she will refuse to crack a book. The BYU women’s golf team plans to relax in style.

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