Lindon moves to make students safer by building sidewalks



    Lindon city is trying to make traveling to school safer for its children by constructing some new sidewalks near Aspen Elementary.

    Recently, Geneva Rock was awarded the job of some road work in the city. They were the lowest bidder at $500,000.

    Nathan Schellenberg with Geneva Rock is working on the project. He said they are just waiting for the notice to proceed from the city.

    The project includes sidewalks, piping, an irrigation ditch, the retaining wall and building new curbs and gutters. The work that will disrupt the road will begin in the spring, he said.

    Don Peterson, with the public works department, said that the sidewalks will run from 300 West to 400 West on both sides of the street. A sidewalk will also run along 200 South on the north side of the road, he said. The dividing line between Orem and Lindon is 200 South.

    The work will also involve some road reconstruction and storm drainage improvements that will run from main street to 400 West, Peterson said. Work will start on the storm drains this fall, he said.

    Peterson also said that a retaining wall that is made of concrete will be built where a steep slope is in the road. The project has been in the engineering process for the last couple of months, he said.

    City administrator, Ott Dameron, said that the sidewalks are being primarily constructed for safer access for children to Aspen Elementary School.

    The rest of the project will take about three months to complete in the spring, he said. About 10 different companies bid on the project, Dameron said.

    “The companies seem to be hungrier in the winter. There are not as many jobs available. This helps the city get a better cost,” Dameron said.

    The funding for the project is coming from a $1.3 million road bond the council approved about a year ago, he said.

    “I’m in favor of it. Something needs to be done,” resident Ted Lott said.

    Paul Olson of Oakridge Elementary school said that any sidewalk work in Lindon will help children be safer. Olson said sidewalks in Lindon are sparse. Sidewalks are necessary for safe routes to the school, he said.

    “Going north of our school, there are not really any safe routes,” Olson said.

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