Letter to the editor: Worry about real crises


    Dear Editor:

    It is unfortunate that the women’s basketball team will not suit up with the new blue this year, but the players should be happy that they have a chance to play.

    I would love to play athletics at the college level, but I was hit by a car and later broad-sided in an automobile accident. I can’t tell you what I wouldn’t give up to play competitive sports again without fear of my neck and back tightening up. I’d play in the worst uniforms you could ever conjure up for the chance to play again, so I think it is wrong for anyone to complain about the shade and color of uniforms they have to wear.

    Spend some time in a children’s hospital, a crisis center or a nursing home. Suddenly the little things that seem unfair are petty and trivial.

    By the way, the women’s basketball team is not the ONLY team to not have the new colors and logos. Please read the Sept. 9 article that reported the status of teams that have new colors and logos and those that do not. The administration is NOT out to get women’s teams.

    The author of Tuesday’s letter “Only a Dream” should take a lesson from “Sweetness,” Walter Payton, and do those things that will lift her teammates up higher and higher. She should concentrate on accomplishing the goals she wrote about winning, not whining.

    Troy Stevens

    Glendale, Ariz.

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