Lehi elections



    Three 4-year seats on City Council:


    A former employee with the City of Lehi, Rod Olsen is finishing his first four-year term on the Lehi City Council. Olsen hopes to be re-elected so he can continue the projects on the table.

    Olsen considers reducing the traffic congestion on Main Street a major concern for the city. He would also like to see a new recreation center built and increase the green space.


    A resident of Lehi for 10 years, James A. Dixon, has been a member of the Lehi city planning and zoning commission for the past four years and has served as chairperson for the last two years.

    Dixon feels the most important issues facing the city are Main Street traffic, population growth and city beautification.

    Dixon feels that managing population growth, diverting traffic off Main Street and improving landscaping, fencing, sidewalks and gutters can all be accomplished if residents work together.


    Richard W. Smith has been involved with planning and zoning issues in Lehi for a number of years.

    Smith feels that Main Street traffic congestion, uncontrolled growth and the general disregard for the city’s historic district are all issues that need to be addressed.

    Smith, who has retired after 30 years of military service, feels that he can devote more time to a council position than his challengers.

    “I feel that I could practically be a 24-hour-a-day City Council member,” Smith said.


    Mark I. Johnson feels that his experience as a project manager for an engineering company is his strongest qualification for a position on the Lehi city council.

    Johnson is concerned about traffic problems on Main Street as well as development, specifically performance development in new communities.

    “Because of my professional experience, I’ve become aware of some opportunities that the city has missed that could have improved development and beautification in the city,” Johnson said.


    Frances M. Comer is running for her second term on the Council, and feels that her contributions over the past four years have been “remarkable.”

    Comer feels that her greatest contributions to the city have been helping to appropriate funds to the city library and establishing a literacy center.

    A life-long resident of Lehi and a school teacher for 26 years, Comer says that controlling traffic congestion on Main Street and improving roads are the major issues facing the city at this time.

    “The citizens of Lehi deserve the best representation they can get,” Comer said.


    Robert J. Fox is an incumbant serving his first term on the Council. Fox is a lifelong resident of Lehi and has four children and four grandchildren.

    He has been involved in Lehi City’s Master plan to update city codes to better meet the demands for Lehi’s growth, he said.

    Fox said he has also been involved with the council in “beefing up the police department.” He said the budget for the police department has been increased by 47 percent.

    For voting information, call the Lehi City Office at 768-7100, or the Lehi City Recorders Office at 768-7103.

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