Letter to the editor: Universe cartoon unfair


    Honest, I’m not huffy. But the cartoon in Tuesday’s Readers’ Forum unsettles me. I had to check a few times to make sure it was in earnest (earnest jest, but earnest). For anyone who missed it, the cartoon features a belly-bulging co-ed donning an engagement ring and an ABC printout for behavioral science, a short haircut, no makeup, a giddy grin and the caption: “Sure signs that she’s taken.”

    I mean really, are we trying to perpetuate provincialism? No, I’m not a behavioral science major (nor is my best friend), but I’m uncomfortable with how that image portrays women at BYU — as batty-eyed babes who are here to catch a husband and will let everything go upon reaching that point. Lots of us here hope to get married, but I think we can do better than that in understanding and respecting each other. Thumbs way, way down.

    Anne Lindsay


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