Letter to the editor: Football fans should be Christlike too


    Dear editor:

    I love football, especially BYU football. My husband and I are both BYU graduates, and since we returned to the area after working away for a few years, we have faithfully followed the BYU games on television or on the radio.

    I was shocked last year when I heard about BYU fans booing their quarterback as he left the field during one game. I could not believe that the BYU fans were so ungrateful and would turn on their own player in such a manner. But my estimation of the fans sunk to a new low when I heard that they booed the University of Utah coach in halftime activities at the Colorado State game on Sept. 16. This gentleman does a good job in providing a team that competes well. He helps make a fun and exciting game for the fans as well as enhancing the rivalry that has existed between the two schools for many years.

    But the most disturbing point was that he was a guest at the BYU game invited there to celebrate the opening of the new conference. What a discourteous way for BYU to treat its guests. He deserved applause for the fine job he is doing at University of Utah, even if they are rivals.

    Apparently, the members of the Church at BYU are of the attitude that we do not need to try to be Christlike at football games. These games are viewed by millions on television. What kind of ambassadors for the Church are the fans at BYU? Would the nonmembers watching be inspired to investigate the church based on the actions of the fans in these two games?

    I was disappointed in you BYU fans and I rather suspect that Christ was too.

    Merlene Shurtliff

    Idaho Falls, Idaho

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