Letter to the editor: Ancient library carts need to go


    Dear Editor:

    Has anyone else noticed the library bookcarts that appear as if they may have been a part of the original wagon train that crossed the plains with the pioneers and Brigham Young himself?

    Not that we want to complain or anything, because we think the new library is great, but it seems logical that if we spend millions of dollars to build a beautiful, quiet and peaceful place for students to study, we could spend a little more to buy some fully-functional carts (ones that don’t sound like a small jet engines taking-off).

    Even if you only go to the library to get a date and not to study, we’re still sure you’ve heard this terribly annoying noise. We know we should hold onto our heritage, but these carts are ridiculous.

    Brandt Jones


    Jim Rosenbeck

    Colfax, Wash.

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