Fashion show showcases honor



    Today at noon, the Student Honor Association will perform the “We’ve Got Elegance” fashion show in the Terrace and the Cougareat in the Wilkinson Student Center.

    The title of the show is designed to emanate that “BYU students have elegance,” according to Mafileo Latu, administrative assistant of Student Honor Association.

    “We want to show our elegance to others in the way we dress and in other ways,” Latu said.

    The fashion show will feature five different clothing styles: casual, alternative, business dress, Sunday dress and formal wear.

    “We are having these five clothing styles so we can encompass the whole BYU student body,” Latu said.

    The purpose of the fashion show is “to remind students of the principle of modesty which is part of the dress and grooming standards,” said Spencer Goo, Student Honor Association president.

    “We want others to see that they can express who they are through their dress while keeping the dress and grooming standards,” Latu said.

    Goo said the fashion show is not to make students feel as if they are not currently keeping the dress and grooming standards, it only serves as a reminder of the commitments students have made.

    Jeannie Papic, Coordinator of Student Honor Association, said the fashion show will help educate students about the dress code.

    “I hope the fashion show will solidify any uncertainties students may have of the dress and grooming standards,” she said.

    “I believe in the goodness of the students at BYU,” Papic said. “This is a positive reinforcement of the Honor Code and the enrichment it brings to our personal lives.”

    Student Honor Association is a department of student life with 10 executives, one coordinator and about 100 volunteers.

    The department plans activities which will “promote character development by reminding students to encompass principles of the Honor Code,” Goo said.

    “And by keeping our commitments, it helps us to be successful,” Papic added.

    Some of the activities planned include firesides, Honor Week, Circle of Honor Ceremonies, retreats, leadership training and service projects. The group is also preparing for a 5K run, “Run For Honor ’99,” which will be Oct. 9.

    The clothing used for the fashion show was supplied by the BYU Bookstore.

    “The bookstore has a wonderful, fresh, up to date clothing line,” Papic said.

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