Beware of false prophets, Elder Ballard says


    By Geoff Howard

    Reject false prophets and be anxiously engaged in good causes, Elder Russell M. Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said in the Sunday morning session of general conference.

    Signs relative to the Second Coming are being fulfilled, including the rise of false prophets, Elder Ballard said.

    “Today we warn you that there are false prophets and false teachers arising; and if we are not careful, even those who are among the faithful members of the church will fall victim to their deception,” Elder Ballard said.

    There are even those who are members or claim to be members who,”without authority, claim Church endorsement to their products and practices. Beware of such,” Elder Ballard said.

    God makes his mind and will known to the world through the proper channel of priesthood, Elder Ballard said.

    The doctrines of eternal salvation are consistent in times ancient and modern. Beware of men and women who seek praise and gain of their false gospel by “sponsoring symposia, books, and journals whose contents challenge fundamental doctrines of the church,” Elder Ballard said.

    Elder Ballard said how to recognize false prophets because they call Joseph Smith a deceiver. They also question whether the Book of Mormon is ancient scripture. False prophets redefine the nature of the Godhead and deny the possibility of modern revelation.

    False prophets also “arrogantly attempt to fashion new interpretations of the scriptures … They deny Christ’s resurrection and atonement … They reject the need for a Savior … (and) reinterpret the doctrines of the Church to fit their own preconceived views,” Elder Ballard said.

    False prophets attack the sanctity of marriage.

    “They advocate a redefintion of morality to justify fornication, adultery, and homosexual relationships,” Elder Ballard said.

    Elder Ballard invited Church members to trust and not be afraid of living the revelations of the restored gospel.

    “Our example will have a powerful effect on others, making the restored gospel become much more relevant, meaningful, convincing and desirable to them. Let us, each one, radiate to others the joy, confidence, love and warmth of being part of the true Church of Christ,” Elder Ballard said.

    Let us bring love and build harmony in our neighborhoods, Elder Ballard said.

    “Remember: Too often our behavior is a bigger deterrent to others than is our doctrine,” Elder Ballard said.

    “It takes faith — real faith, total and unreserved — to accept and strive to live prophetic counsel,” Elder Ballard said.

    “Our safety, our peace, lies in working, as hard as we can, to live as the Father and Son would have us live, in fleeing from false prophets and false teachers, and in being anxiously engaged in good causes,” Elder Ballard said.

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