Letter to the editor: BYU not only place to get married


    Dear Editor:

    I am writing in response to the August 4 letter about taking your time in finding a spouse and that BYU isn’t the only place to find one.

    The writer made an excellent point. I was engaged almost two years ago. I thought I was in love with the guy, but was really in love with the idea of being in love. I didn’t take the time to get to know him and he ended up being someone that was not very nice.

    Five weeks before the wedding I broke everything off. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I became tired of the “Mormon Myth” that I was an old maid because I was 22 and not married. I was tired of people telling me to get back on the horse and start dating again.

    I realized that Heavenly Father loved me and would take care of me as long as I was doing my part in all aspects. I met someone more than a year later who is now my husband. We dated for over a year before we decided to get married and I can honestly say he is my best friend. And, by the way, we did NOT meet at BYU.

    Marriage is the most sacred and important decision we will ever make. Enjoy life. Enjoy being single. Be happy with who you are as a person. And to all the beautiful girls on the BYU campus (and ALL the girls here are beautiful), enjoy this experience. BYU has so much more to offer than just a spouse. If you happen to find him while you’re here — WONDERFUL! If you don’t — WONDERFUL!

    Amy Jacobsen


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