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    Harold B. Lee Libary

    How prepared are you to do research in an academic library? When you have a research project, do you know what information you need and how to find it? Learning how to use the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL) and its resources wil, to a significant degree, determine your success at BYU and how well you survive in the information rich 21st century.

    The HBLL, located in the middle of campus south of the Administration Building, has expanded to the size of 17 football fields over the last three years! The two-story underground addition was completed this summer and the massive move-in of departments and collections will continue into Fall Semester. Inside the library you will be able to study in a quiet environment, plug in your lap-top, read an article on reserve, browse through today’s local newspaper, locate full-text articles for your research paper, surf the Internet, make xerox copies or use a word processor. The library’s collection includes over 4 million books and hundreds of computerized databases and electronic journals.

    We understand that you might feel intimidated when you first use this giant facility. In addition to getting in the habit of asking for help at the refernce desks, we invite you to visit the Library Learning Resources Center (LRC) on the south end of level 4, where you can take the Taped Tour of the library. The tour will take you through 5 public floors of the libary and introduce you to the services and locations of general and subject specialized collections. Then, read the “Libary Research Skills” booklet to learn about BYLINE, the libary’s computer system, and how to use the library catalog to do basic library research. Booklets are available for purchase at the BYU Bookstore, or you can use a copy at the General Reference desk, level 3.

    If you are enrolled in a First Year Writing Course (Eng 115, Honors 200, Phil 105/105H) you will be coming to the library to receive additional instruction on how to do research. Later on in your college experience Advanced Writing and various other courses also have instructional sessions.

    President Hinckley said, “A great library is the heart of a university.” At the HBLL you have available the latest technology advances for library research. Come to the library and take advantage of every opportunity to learn how to locate, evaluate and manage information efficiently so you can succeed in your university career.

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