Letter to the Editor: Men’s Studies needed at BYU


    Dear Editor:

    I was somewhat perplexed by the letter to the editor that requested information on a “Women’s Studies” program at BYU. The writer left an opening for people to respond with information regarding the whereabouts of this special genre. I confess that I am not sure what such a discipline would include. Are “Women’s Studies” classes designed for women to take to learn about how to be a woman; or are they for men to take to learn how to understand women? If it is the latter, then I agree: We need to organize the Women’s Studies major immediately.

    It would definitely be helpful if we knew what exactly would be included in the WS Department. As a side note, I just realized that here I am — a senior at BYU — and I have never been exposed to the Men’s Studies Department. There is obviously a double-sided conspiracy at work here. I have identified a starting point for reconciliation of this neutered situation. Even though there is no apparent course outline or instructor, I have noticed that there are certain rooms on campus that have been specifically designated as “Men’s Rooms” and “Women’s Rooms.” Perhaps these can become centers for open discussion of vital gender-related topics. Until then, all we can do is hope for a brighter future for our children.

    Gavin McCaleb

    Boise, Idaho

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