Letter to the Editor: Parents shouldn’t advocate gay lifestyle


    Dear Editor:

    Parents of children who chose to live a homosexual lifestyle, or any other violation of the Lord’s commandments, shouldn’t feel like failures. Their children have their agency. But neither should they try to advocate that the sins of their children are not sins at all. To do so is to “call evil good, and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).” I found Thursday’s article to be very affirming of “calling evil good.” I also have to point out that one of the statements by Brother Watts is an outright lie. When in high school, many of my friends and acquaintances were subject to extensive and intensive “recruitment” by homosexuals. Today, it would be called sexual harassment. Repeated propositioning and emotional coercion by “friends” or associates is quite different from what is usually called recruitment. Since high school, I’m not afraid of homosexuals, which is what labeling me a “homophobe” would imply. But the label has been promoted to describe anyone who argues that homosexual behavior is wrong. It is, like many labels, designed to vilify or denigrate a group with a differing point of view. One might say it is “calling good evil.”

    This is not some abstract problem for me either. No, I’m not going to say that “some of my best friends are homosexuals.” My uncle is. You see, I know firsthand that you can love a family member, treat him with respect and still call evil evil — just as we do with every person we meet in our lives. We are all sinners and the Lord seems to indicate that some sins are more grievous than others.

    Matthew A. Mabey

    Assistant Professor Geology Department

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