Mother’s Day the biggest day of the year for flower sales



    Some local flower shops plan to hire more help to compensate for additional business during the Mother’s Day season.

    Mother’s Day brings in more customers than the traditional flower-giving holiday, Valentine’s Day, said Ryan Robinson of the Flower Basket.

    “Not everyone has a sweetheart, but everyone has a mother,” Robinson said.

    The Flower Basket plans to hire two designers and additional drivers to help create and deliver Mother’s Day orders, he said.

    Spring baskets are the most common orders placed for Mother’s Day, Robinson said. People like to order bright flowers that match the season.

    “Corsages are purchased a lot for traditional purposes, to be given to mothers,” Robinson said.

    Karen’s Floral Design has also hired more designers and deliverers to compensate for increased orders received during Mother’s Day, said Lana Hansen, a company employee.

    The company relies on seasonal hiring to get through the busy holiday. Hansen said Karen’s Floral Design also uses seasonal help for other flower-giving seasons throughout the year.

    People plan better when ordering flowers for their mothers, Hansen said. Generally, they place Mother’s Day orders in advance.

    Valentine’s Day brings a large rush because last minute orders are often made, she said. It is easier for design teams to work during Mother’s Day because customers usually plan orders earlier.

    Hansen said people often order containers for the flowers they give as Mother’s Day gifts. Containers and baskets are long-lasting keepsakes for mothers.

    George Bills of Four Seasons Flowers said the Mother’s Day season is busier than regular days, but orders are not overwhelming.

    Competition in the floral industry is one reason holidays are manageable for florists, Bills said.

    “There are a lot more flower shops to pick from these days,” he said.

    He also said most people would rather make quick purchases from street vendors instead of going to flower shops.

    Bills said most of Four Seasons’ Mother’s Day business comes from male buyers. Men like to buy cut flowers because they are a quick purchase, he said.

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