Women’s Conference means big sales for women authors



    LDS women authors become very popular during the week of Women’s Conference and the BYU Bookstore reaps the yearly benefits.

    Visitors from out of town are anxious to get a hold of the latest books the speakers have written and take them home to their family and friends. Many out of town visitors don’t have access to an LDS Bookstore and when they come they take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the latest books.

    The bookstore expects “Glimpses into the Life and Heart of Majorie Pay Hinckley,” to be very popular this year. It is one of their newest books and Sister Hinckley is one of the speakers for this year’s Women’s Conference.

    The book is written by her daughter Virginia Hinckley Pearce. The book entails an array of stories and memories of family and friends. The experiences shared cover the sweet character of an amazing LDS women. Many of the stories are combined with Sister Hinckley’s personal insights that demonstrate her strong faith and her remarkable humor and flare.

    “This book is not a recipe for others to follow, but just one more example of the gospel in action in the life of a fellow sojourner,” said Virginia H. Pearce.

    Another sought after speaker and author is Ardith G. Kapp. Her latest book, “Lead, Guide, and Walk Beside,” gives women great insights into leadership roles in the Church. Sister Kapp’s book helps women to prepared to be better leaders in the church. She shares her own leadership experiences and motivates women to renew their personal commitment to church leadership. She outlines details on planning with a purpose, holding effective meetings, and delegating responsibilities.

    “My desire is to present correct leadership principles in hopes of helping us all become more effective in our callings as we lead, guide, and walk beside each other,” said Ardith G. Kapp.

    Another must read book is,”Living in but not of the World,” by Sharlene Wells Hawkes. She is a popular author among the youth and young adults. Sister Hawkes lived most of her life outside the country and she shares her experiences of maintaining high standards in places of the world where the church is not well known.

    Her book discusses values centered on the home, family, and the gospel and encourages members of all ages to share these values with others.

    The BYU Bookstore will maintain regular hours during the week of Women’s Conference and will have an ample supply of these books on hand.

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