New parking rules apply for spring and summer



    Parking spaces can be hard to come by during the school year, especially during Fall and Winter Semesters. However, during spring and summer the BYU Traffic Office has made it more convenient for students who drive their cars to campus.

    Rachel Galvez, secretary of the manager of BYU Parking and Traffic Services, said during Spring and Summer Terms students who have a current “G,” “Y” or “R” parking permit can park in any of the three parking zones located across campus.

    Students who do not have a campus parking permit can purchase one at the traffic office. Galvez said the traffic office is selling “L” lot stickers for $5, and these permits are valid for Spring and Summer Terms only. The “L” lot sticker allows a student to park in “G,” “Y” and “R” lots on campus.

    Sterling Jack, 21, a senior from South Jordan, majoring in Business Management, said he had heard about the parking changes during spring and summer. “I have a Y lot sticker, so I guess I can start parking in a G lot now,” Jack said.

    Mike Mcwhorter, 24, a junior from Provo, majoring in International Law and Diplomacy, said he didn’t realize how cheap it was for a parking permit. He said he is very interested in buying a parking permit for the Spring and Summer Terms.

    “I think $5 is reasonable. I came from UVSC where it costs $60, and I can walk for that much,” Mcwhorter said.

    Ada Hinckley, 21, a sophomore from Salt Lake City, majoring in humanities, said she would buy a permit if she had a car.

    “That is a great deal. If I had a car I would for sure get one,” Hinckley said.

    The BYU Traffic Office is encouraging students to buy parking permits for the 1999-2000 school year. Aaron Rhodes, manager of BYU Parking and Traffic Services, said if students buy their parking permits now they will not have to wait in lines to buy them at the beginning of Fall Semester. He said students can buy parking permits now that will be valid until September of 2000.

    The BYU Parking and Traffic Services’ Web page, at, states that “G” lot permits can be purchased for $40 and a “Y” lot permit can be purchased for $15.

    To purchase or apply for a parking permit, students need to go to the traffic office and bring current vehicle registration, proof of emissions compliance, BYU identification, the appropriate fee and a verification of housing residency for single on-campus housing.

    Galvez also said there is a lottery for extra “G” lot permits for Fall and Winter Semesters. She said non-graduate students can sign up now until Sept. 7. They will be put into a drawing and if they are chosen they will have an opportunity to buy a “G” lot permit.

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