Salt Lake City observers anxiously watch library



    Observers at the Church Office Building are nervous about the happenings at the LDS Family History Library two hours ago.

    An unknown gunman wearing army fatigues entered The Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at approximately 10:30 this morning and opened fire. The weapon has not yet been identified and the man is now reported dead.

    According to the LDS hospital one woman is dead, 20 people are injured and seven people are in trauma.

    “It is a little nerve-racking for all of us here. Many workers have family in the museum and don’t know if they are even alive,” said Jenny Pavia, a publication assistant for the New Era Magazine, who is watching from her her 23rd-floor window in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

    “This event is just devistating. The people who fell victim to this gunman were innocent, passive service missionaries,” Pavia said.

    People from the museum and library are being evacuated to Abravanel Hall, Pivia said.

    “The streets are full of fire engines, and ambulances with their stretchers ready,” she said.

    Temple Square buildings have been blocked off and evacuated.

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