Vista seeks ways to make administrative services better



    A new committee called Vista has been meeting for two weeks to brainstorm how to make student administrative services better.

    Eric Denna, vice president of information technology and chief information officer, said, “We are ignoring all the organizational boundaries that BYU lives with all the time to try to decide how this ought to work.”

    Denna said students are going to play a significant role in the project because Vista needs students’ perspectives.

    He said the review of student administrative services may result in the dissolution of certain organizations and the formation of new organizations.

    He also said the review may result in new technologies that will be used to support the future of student administrative services.

    Clark Webb, vice chairman of Vista, said Vista may reorganize the AIM system. He also said one thing that might be provided on the new system is information about faculty members such as what classes they have taught and what their teaching style is.

    “But nobody really knows what the components will be,” Webb said.

    The project is now in the organizing stage to figure out who is working with whom, Webb said.

    Gary Kramer, director of Admissions and Records said, “We felt through committee meeting that there were a number of things it was essential for students to understand.”

    Kramer said the name Vista means overall comprehensive view. He also said that the Vista committee wants to make the registration picture more complete by providing the students with a personal education plan.

    He said the AIM system will be more than a place to add and drop classes.

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