Boney James CD is like Kenny G with a twist



    The CD by soprano saxophone player Boney James, “Body Language,” is a diverse album that sounds a lot like another famous saxophone player.

    With a name like Boney James, I was expecting a little more soul to be in “Body Language”, but this was not so.

    In general I would say that I am fairly accepting of all kinds of music, however I never did enjoy Kenny G, so it was hard to get into this CD.

    James has mellow songs that put me in the mood to stand in an elevator or sit in the doctor’s office.

    Some people really enjoy this type of smooth jazz and I think his CD would sound nice in a Health Spa.

    He managed to make me feel relaxed and ready to see my dentist, but he did not bore me to death.

    However, anyone who likes Kenny G would most likely like this album because James manages to sound somewhat diverse and unique. I would have expected that nine songs leading with a soprano saxophone would sound the same, but fortunately they did not.

    Song four, “I’ll Always Love You,” features the group Shai, and the overall effect sounds similar to a Boyz II Men ballad.

    I really enjoyed this song and I think it was because I was not expecting an R&B song in the middle of this jazz CD. In addition, Shai had entertaining vocals and tight harmonies.

    A nice surprise was the cover of the Janet Jackson song, “I Get Lonely.” It was nice to hear a familiar song on a CD I had never heard before and it helped spice up the album a little.

    Janet Jackson cannot fail in making anything more fun, and I was glad James included her in his CD.

    I am not a Kenny G fan, but if I were, I am sure I would love this CD. Boney James managed to mix up the sound of Kenny G-esque music and that was the most impressive thing on the CD.

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