Use this time capsule to remember last days of university life



    It’s 1999.

    For Seniors, graduation is almost upon us.

    As a time capsule for those who are graduating, here is a what is going on in the world during the month of April 1999.

    Style in 1999… “Everyone in 1999 has their own style and I believe that in the twenty-first century people will be even more diversified and individualistic in taste,” said Jessica Lovett, 22, a senior from Santa Barbara, Calif., majoring in political science.

    According to Fashion Entertainment Television and “Elle” Magazine, the “in” fashion for women in 1999 is as follows: bobby pins, platform shoes, body glitter, petal pushers, really long ballroom skirts, below the knee skirts, 3/4 length blouses and tees, bermudas, hair extensions, anything with butterflies appliques, bright colors, knee length coats, khakis, and thongs.

    The fashion for men in 1999 has guys wearing cargo pants, carpenter jeans, aloha shirts, khakis, thongs, and really dressy dress clothes. As an accessory, blond highlights will be a big hit.

    With the Oscars just presented, the top five movies as nominated by the academy are: “Shakespeare in Love” (the winner), “Elizabeth”, “Life is Beautiful”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and “The Thin Red Line.”

    Gweneth Paltrow took home an Oscar for Best Actress, whereas Robert Benigni snagged the award in the best actor category.

    Although the academy doesn’t worry too much about the worst film of the year, the “Entertainment Weekly 1999 Yearbook” came up with five. “Simon Birch”, “Men with Guns”, “Snake Eyes”, “Blade” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” all made the grade.

    However, according to the “Entertainment Weekly 1999 Yearbook” the top 5 entertainers in Hollywood don’t include either of these winners.

    The top dogs in Hollywood are #1 – Leonardo DiCaprio. #2 – Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, #3 – The girls of the WB channel (Combs, Williams, Biel, Holmes, Doherty, Russell, and Milano), #4 – Adam Sandler, and #5 – Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal).

    For the first week of April 1999, the books topping the New York Best-seller List are #1 – “Flash” by Jayne Ann Krentz, #2 – “Then Came Heaven” by LaVyr Le Spencer, #3 – “The MacGregors” by Nora Roberts, #4 – “The Undertaker’s Widow” by Phillip Margolin, and #5 – “Coast Road” by Barbara Delinsky.

    “The Entertainment Weekly 1999 Yearbook” also charted their top five best television shows of 1999. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was first on the list. Other contenders in order of their rank are: “The Larry Sanders Show”, “X-files”, “Friends”, and “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

    The worst television showed are “Costello”, “Dateline NBC”, “Nash Bridges”, “Suddenly Susan” / “Caroline in the City” and “Legacy”.

    Topping the Billboard Charts in music for the first week of April are the albums by artists Britany Spears, Eminem, TLC, Lauryn Hill, and Shania Twain.

    The time capsule would not be complete without a list of slang terms used in 1999. Whose to say what kind of individuals actually use these terms, however, the list was gathered from recent movies and said by students on BYU campus.

    The Slang of 1999

    “Scrub” – ” a man that can’t get no love from me.” TLC

    “It’s chill” – that’s cool. it’s alright.

    “The bomb” – the “in” guy.

    “PHAT” – “pretty hot and tempting.” Chris Tucker

    “Money” – awesome / cool.

    “Dope” – cool.

    “Peace out” – bye, see you later.

    “Benjamins” – money ($100 bills).

    “Flock of seagulls” – stupid white guys. – Pulp Fiction

    “Dreg” – someone who rides the bus, and showers less than once a week.

    “Carny” – Circus folks who smell like cabbage and have small hands. Austin Powers

    Some of us may regret wearing these trends, listening to these tunes, watching these movies, and saying these words, but what can we say it’s 1999 and we are graduating.

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