Softball team hopes to turn things around against UVSC



    The BYU women’s softball team will look to step up its offense against UVSC today when it faces the Wolverines for the second time in a week.

    BYU faced UVSC last Wednesday at UVSC, losing back-to-back games to the Wolverines. The team made too many mistakes that shouldn’t have been made, center fielder Rachel Geiger said.

    “We had a lot of errors that could have been helped,” Geiger said. “We didn’t make the plays and we had bad throws. We won’t win like that.”

    The team struggled on offense and pitching, left fielder Emily Fernley said. She said it was good hitting and easy pitching that got UVSC so many runs and cost BYU the games.

    Pitcher Robyn Jensen agreed with Fernley, saying the pitchers need to hit the corners more.

    “We need to get (the pitches) harder to spot,” Jensen said. “We can’t give ’em anything good if we want to win.”

    Jensen said the team is coming together as a group, which is helping out in games, but that the team needs to get together on offense to get the runs it needs.

    BYU needs to improve its intensity if it has any hope of turning this season into a winning one, right fielder Paula Schoonover said.

    “We have got to have a little more confidence,” Schoonover said. “Especially in our offense. It’s been a week since we played, so if we don’t get it together we aren’t going to play that well.”

    Schoonover said the team should play better than the last time it faced the Wolverines because today it will play at home. She said the home-field advantage gives the women more confidence and pumps them up.

    Geiger said the team needs to step up its hitting if it really wants the victories against the Wolverines.

    “UVSC is going to get a lot of runs because they’re a good hitting team,” Geiger said. “If we want to win we need to start hitting and get the runs.”

    To do that, BYU needs to be more aggressive at the plate, Jensen said.

    “We let the pitches get by because we aren’t trying to hit,” Jensen said. “If we want to win, we need to get hits, and to get the hits, we need to get our bats swinging.”

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