Utah politicians voice concerns over Kosovo conflict



    With Albanian refugees having to flee their homes in Kosovo, Utah political leaders are speaking out on of the conflict.

    When first news of Serbian air strikes hit, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, was against President Bill Clinton’s order to attack. However, he said after giving the issue more thought he now supports the President’s actions.

    “Now that we’re in it, we will have to do whatever it takes to win it,” Hatch said.

    Hatch said he hoped by using the air power, NATO will bring Milosevic to his knees so the people in Serbia will throw him out of office.

    However, Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, said he doesn’t think the United States should be involved in this conflict against Serbia.

    Bennett voted against NATO air strikes in Serbia because he said he doesn’t see a way out for the United States without engaging in war.

    There have been rumors of ground troops going into Serbia. Bennett said he doesn’t want to send them in because the troops would literally have to shoot their way into the country. However, he said a ground attack might be the only way to stop the killing in Kosovo.

    Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, said by bombing Serbia the United States is essentially already in a war with the country and might as well declare it as such.

    Cannon said he doesn’t see why the Serbian conflict is more compelling than other countries with the same problem.

    “I don’t see the distinction and the American public doesn’t see the distinction,” Cannon said.

    Cannon said if President Clinton has information that makes the distinction on why the United States is are bombing and thinking of sending ground troops into Serbia and not other countries, he owes the American public that information.

    “I think bombing is wrong,” Cannon said.

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