Traditional student food to be served at Senior Celebration



    While many seniors might imagine chicken cordon bleu and the famous BYU cheesecake at the senior celebration, this year seniors will be served hamburgers, tacos, pizza, donuts, brownies and ice cream.

    “These are the main staples of BYU students,” said Carlton Clark, graduating class president.

    According to Clark, there is going to be plenty of food to feed everyone.

    Dean Wright, director of dining services, said “we insure there is enough food for everyone after the final call of reservations are made.”

    They assume one hamburger, two slices of pizza, one can of soda, one scoop of ice cream and then extras, per person to make sure there is enough food.

    Chips and soda are donated by Frito Lay and Coca Cola; Tomassito’s pizza discounted the pizza prices for the event; the Creamery provides the ice cream and BYU dining services takes care of the rest of the food.

    The goal of the senior celebration is to have the seniors “leave with a good feeling,” Clark said.

    In order to do that, Clark said that the food is a major role in making that happen.

    With foods like walking tacos, that allow the eater to enjoy the food on the go, the food is easy to carry around while seniors enjoy the rest of the activities. Food will be available throughout the entire celebration.

    “It is all coordinated to produce a good evening,” said Wright.

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