Hunger Banquet to give students a taste of poverty



    Students can become more aware of global hunger and what can be done to help developing countries by attending the annual Hunger Banquet Thursday night or Friday.

    Those attending the banquet will randomly trade their $5 ticket for a meal that represents one of three economic statuses — first world, second world or third world.

    Lara Peterson, a volunteer for the Hunger Banquet, said the meals will provide a visual awareness of the world’s reality.

    “People with a first-world meal will eat at a table with utensils, settings and food donated from a local restaurant,” said Peterson, 22, from Fort Collins, Colo., majoring in conservation biology.

    Those with second-world meals will sit on chairs, have limited settings and eat food with less variety and taste, she said.

    Third-world meals will be served on a blanket with no utensils, Peterson said.

    Rock Magleby, the publicity coordinator for the banquet, said everything has been considered to provide an educational experience for those who attend the banquet.

    A South American band, African dancers and speakers who will address development will be part of the program at the Hunger Banquet, said Magleby, 21, a sophomore from American Fork majoring in economics.

    Dan Nelson, the food donation coordinator, said the event provides a way for the students and the community to get involved in alleviating hunger in developing countries.

    All the proceeds from the banquet will go to international non-profit organizations supporting water projects, alternatives to female circumcision, teaching English and several other social issues, said Nelson, 23, from Martinez, Calif., majoring in business.

    “Everyone gets to watch (these issues) on the news. The banquet gives them an outlet to actually do something,” he said.

    Students for International Development sponsors the Hunger Banquet each year to help the community become aware of international issues and what can be done, he said.

    The hunger banquet will be held tonight at 7:00 p.m. in 3320 WSC, and on Friday at 7:00 p.m. in the SFLC Stepdown lounge. Tickets can be purchased at the banquet, or in advance at 273 HRCB.

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