Letter to the Editor: Take time before judging


    Dear Editor:

    I write to relate a hopefully isolated incident that happened in the halls of the hallowed BYU campus. Sometimes there are students that come to BYU to partake of its “superior” educational facilities who don’t hold the same beliefs as those of the LDS faith. It is one of these “inferiors” I write about.

    She is the type all missionaries love due to her inquisitive attitude towards the church. However, not having the same enlightenment concerning modesty as one who has signed the Honor Code, she unsuspectingly wore a rather flattering dress due to the recent turn in weather. This dress caught a BYU community member by surprise. This person rashly judged her as one blatantly disobeying the Honor Code. After the accuser threatened to bring administrators to the scene and left, this unsuspecting student, who probably thought she was going to get arrested, said, “Am I a bad person? What am I doing wrong?”

    Granted she was not following the Honor Code, but who gives someone the right to make another feel like dirt for not knowing about it? Many of us can think of more appropriate ways to handle the situation I am sure, but may we be reminded we are just as imperfect as those not of our faith. This poor victim probably isn’t as eager to understand where we are coming from as no effort was made to understand where she was coming from.

    Ladd Carlston

    Salt Lake City

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