Letter to the Editor: Cannon lost my vote


    Dear Editor:

    I am writing in surprise to Representative Chris Cannon’s remark about his potential rival for U.S. Congress, Donald Dunn, in Wednesday’s paper. He seemed to insinuate since Dunn worked for six years in the Clinton administration, then people can assume to “know what Dunn believes in life.” This remark displays the kind of narrow-mindedness I do not expect from a congressional representative.

    There are numerous good, quality people working for the government who do the “little jobs” that make our nation operate on a daily basis. These people have little influence on political legislative agendas, and just because they might work for a person who has questionable character flaws, that does not mean they believe or act the same way. By Cannon’s logic, I can assume since he worked under former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, he shares the same beliefs and “ethics” Gingrich possessed. As I am from Georgia, this is not a compliment. If I was voting in this district next year, Cannon just lost my vote with his attempt to smear a potential rival.

    Nicholas Carroll

    Stone Mountain, Ga.

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