Letter to the Editor: Beauty not skin deep


    Dear Editor:

    The first few days of spring always bring an interesting phenomenon: mostly white legs and a few nicely tanned ones as we break out our summer shorts. This past week, we have witnessed this phenomenon again.

    And to the female students who insist on showing off their fake-baked legs on the first day of pleasant sunshine, thank you. Your tans are signs; they help me to identify the girls that are so shallow I struggle to see a third dimension in them. There are so many girls here at Deseret Towers, you help me to whittle down my dating pool. This way I don’t waste any time or money on a date with empty-souled California Barbies.

    We have been encouraged to avoid worldliness. The Word of Wisdom teaches us that our bodies our temples, that we should take care of them. We all know tanning can cause cancer and other problems. Any BYU student should feel ashamed to pay money for such worldly, aesthetic purposes. However, everyone has their own agency. I just want you to know, there are many guys who are looking for beauty that is more than skin deep. And a fake tan doesn’t count.

    Ryan B. Madsen

    Price, Utah

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