Letter to the Editor: Don’t feel too sorry for ‘poor’ landlords


    Dear Editor:

    On Thursday, you ran a letter about the “poor” landlords here at BYU. Students, don’t buy into the author’s claims. The landlords here at BYU make a killing on us. You could buy a house in most areas with $1200 a month. My father is a landlord in Salt Lake, and he often wonders how the landlords down here can get so much for the inferior housing they provide.

    My dad rents comparable two-bedroom apartments in Salt Lake that go for around $600 a month. Here the same kind go for $900-$1,000 per month. This is because the housing office creates an unfair advantage for the apartment owners by making housing BYU approved. This creates a high demand in which the apartment owners can charge as much as they want. If we signed the Honor Code, we should be able to live where we want because we promised we would obey the rules of the university. Don’t feel bad for the landlords. They’re taking us to the cleaners. Their kids have a good Christmas every year.

    Doug Jerman


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