Letter to the editor: Why do lights go off?


    Dear Editor:

    I would like to suggest that instead of complaining/arguing so much, we as students use the editorial page to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge contained in the brains of members of the BYU community.

    I will start by asking a question that has long been troubling me and inviting anyone who may have an explanation to reply: Is there a scientific explanation for why certain street lights turn off when I walk by them at night? I know the light bulbs are not burning out because after I get about 100 feet past them, they turn back on. The same thing happens to my sister as well as to several other people I know. I have heard the sudden starts and stops in my wristwatch may be due to a personal magnetic field — is this feasible, and are the two events related?

    Certainly some student or staff member could enlighten us regarding these irritating yet fascinating phenomena.

    Lisa J. Erickson

    Parker, Ariz.

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