Big Band Night promises a swingin’ good time



    BYUSA will host the annual “Big Band Night”, a semi-formal dinner and dance, Friday night.

    The BYU Student Leadership Programming Team is working with BYUSA to plan the night. A dinner will be served in the Garden Court prior to the dance, which will feature a live swing band.

    “Big Band Night is a tradition at BYU,” said Suzanne Kolar, an employee for the Student Leadership Programming Team.

    “It’s a good opportunity to participate in a fun, wholesome activity and has always been successful over the years,” said Kolar, 20, a sophomore from St. George majoring in sociology.

    Last year’s dance was quite successful and sold out quickly. Kolar said this year’s event should promise to be as much fun as last year’s dance.

    Micah Henrie, 22, a junior from Danville, Calif., majoring in graphic design and computer science, attended last year’s dance and plans on attending this year’s as well.

    “These events are always excellent fun,” said Henrie. “I went last year and even though at the time I didn’t know much about swing dancing, I loved it. This is also great because it gives students here a fun activity for Valentine’s weekend.”

    Dan Williams, 21, a sophomore from Magna majoring in psychology, last went to “Big Band Night” in 1996 and is excited to go again this year.

    “I’ve been looking forward to Big Band Night all year. This makes the perfect date for me and my wife, plus I can be like the kids on the Gap commercial,” Williams said.

    A dinner of basil chicken with fettuccine will be served in the Garden Court at 7 p.m. Ray Smith and his orchestra will perform from 8:30 p.m. to midnight. Tickets for the dinner must have been bought prior to Feb. 9, however tickets are available for the dance up until the event. The dance costs $13 and can be bought in 3226 ELWC or at the door.

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