Planning for a wedding requires many choices



    A wedding is filled with many choices: what style of dress to buy, what kind of cake to have made, what style of ring, what kinds of flowers and so on and so on. With so many decisions to make, preparing for a wedding can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful.

    Yet a wedding is a memorable, exciting time for couples, so despite the many choices to be made, preparing for the big day should be an enjoyable time.

    “I thought shopping for dresses wouldn’t be that fun, but I actually had a great time doing it. I’m excited about the dress I’m going to wear,” said Sarah Alvey, a junior from Sandy, Salt Lake County, majoring in psychology.

    But with so many dresses to choose from, what’s in style and most popular these days?

    “That’s up to each girl,” said Natalie Warren, a freshman from Alabama majoring in English.

    “What matters most is whether you like the dress or not. You could even make a dress your grandmother wore years ago look good if you really like the style,” Warren said.

    Shopping for rings also involves many choices to make. There’s the diamond clarity, the cut, the color, the style of band, and how big you want the diamond. Deciding each of those elements can take hours of careful analyzing and checking around for the best price. Looking for rings can be fun, too — especially knowing how excited your girlfriend will be to wear the new piece of jewelry.

    Deciding on a ring, like picking a dress, is a matter of personal preference and not a matter of choosing what’s most popular, though white gold and platinum rings have become more popular of late, according to Chad Binton, a diamond consultant for Bullock & Losee Jewelers.

    “However,” says Binton, “you can never go wrong with a gold band, because they’re always in style.”

    Weddings are filled with other choices too, like cakes and flowers to choose from. With the cakes, the couple is deciding on the number of tiers to the cake, how big it will be, and what flavor.

    Flowers are a little simpler, the decisions are basically what kind of flowers and what colors. Part of the choice in choosing flowers depends on what colors your trying to match them up with. Like everything else though, these choices are a matter of personal preference, and Alvey and Warren know what they want.

    “I want white roses with daisies,” says Alvey.

    Warren has similar feelings, saying, “I’ve always wanted to have white roses in my wedding.”

    So while making choices for the big day, remember not to get stressed out over what’s most popular or in style, but rather focus on enjoying the whole experience and choosing what you really want, no matter what others might think.

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