Letter to the editor: Weaver picture legitimate news


    Dear Editor:

    I recently read the letter to the editor printed Tuesday about the unwanted-ness of a picture of Wendy Weaver and her homosexual partner. I was impressed at the lack of understanding of news. This story of Ms. Weaver’s legal bout with the Spanish Fork community is a major issue. It obviously merits a picture in any newspaper that considers itself a legitimate publication. I think it’s ridiculous that people would be offended that a news story of national proportions such as this can’t be covered in a local paper such as The Daily Universe.

    To the writer of this letter of complaint, I suggest taking a class in media. Especially here at BYU, we should be made aware of situations such as this to awaken our understanding of the world. “Happy Valley” is still part of the world. Thanks to newspapers like The Daily Universe, we are being educated and hopefully we will leave here less naive than before. We don’t condone homosexual activity, but we must know of its existence or our self-imposed “eggshell of holiness” will crack and we’ll be fried in this ever-eroding world of morality. Remember “in the world but not of the world.”

    Ray Stewart

    Grand Rapids, Mich.

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