Divine Comedy’s performance a big hit with audiences



    The BYU comedy club Divine Comedy was a sweeping success last weekend, starting with its two sold out shows Friday evening.

    The tickets for the late performance sold out in advance, and the earlier show only had about 25 tickets left to sell at the door, said Ryan Hamilton, a senior from Mesa, Ariz., majoring in physics. Hamilton is a member of the troupe.

    I went to the first show. Before it began, the crowd was already cheering and laughing. Troupe member Brandon Mull, a junior from Thousand Oaks, Calif., majoring in public relations, said he thought the audience was very generous to laugh before the show even began.

    But it wasn’t kindness, it was anticipation for the type of fun Divine Comedy consistently delivers. And the audience wasn’t disappointed. For almost two hours, we laughed.

    Divine Comedy’s greatest appeal comes from the ability the group has to recreate BYU life. One dating skit includes a referee, Miles Romney, a sophomore from Escondido, Calif. majoring in accounting. Romney calls a penalty when Kendra Nieman, a senior from Clayton, Calif. majoring in political science, tries to thwart an unexpected kiss.

    Romney calls her for “roughing the kisser.” He also penalizes her date, Ben Unguren, a sophomore from Seattle, Wash. majoring in film, for charging.

    The a capella group 2-5-9 performed with the troupe. Animated and relaxed, they connected with the audience. I enjoyed their original number, “Moses.” It is a religious song with soul.

    When the performance ended, Divine Comedy came out together to take a bow. A roaring chant from the audience called for one more skit, “Star Wars.” Jason Smith, a junior from Idaho Falls, Idaho, majoring in computer science was joined by Greg Davis, a senior from Escondido, Calif., majoring in communications studies.

    Unguren narrated while the two other comedians impersonated various characters from the “Star Wars” trilogy.

    The impersonations ranged from favorites such as Chewbacca to Darth Vader. Smith’s impersonation of Luke Skywalker hanging by one hand contorting his face screaming, “no … no,” elated the audience.

    Divine Comedy was considering an encore performance, but at the time of press, the next performance was still scheduled for mid-March. Those who wish to find out more about performance dates and be on Divine Comedy’s mailing list, can e-mail .

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