Card to speak at UVSC on ethics


    Acclaimed Latter-day Saint author Orson Scott Card will be speaking at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Utah Valley State College Friday.

    The author of such famous books as “Ender’s Game” and “Lost Boys” is giving two lectures in the Ragan Theatre.

    The first lecture at 11 a.m. is titled “Storytelling Ethics.”

    “Every culture depends on the stories that the people of that culture believe in,” Card said. “If stories from our culture relate that we think it’s okay to lie and cheat and still be president, then we are in a lot of trouble.”

    “We’re very proud to have him here,” said Elaine Englehardt, director of Center for the Study of Ethics at UVSC. “We’re excited to learn about situational ethics gained from characters in stories.”

    The second of Card’s speeches, at 1 p.m., will be a reading of “The Elephant’s of Posnan”, a short story that isn’t published yet.

    “It will first be published in Polish which is fitting as it takes place in Poland. Then it will go into Spanish and then into English later this year,” Card said.

    Card will be appearing on the invitation of Eugene England, former professor of English at BYU and current professor of LDS literature at UVSC.

    “Orson is a friend of mine and has given speeches in my classes before,” England said. “He always gives great lectures.”

    Card has won both the most prestigious sci-fi awards, the Hugo and the Nebula, as well as the World Fantasy Award and the fiction award from the Association of Mormon Letters.

    Card has achieved much success with both LDS and non-LDS readers.

    “Mormons see me as one of their own. The world has come to accept me as well,” Card said.

    Admission to the lecture is free.

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