Eternal perspectives do not change, Gibb says



    People must make God’s perspective their perspective, said Sara Lee Gibb, chair of the Department of Dance, at the Tuesday Devotional.

    People’s perspectives do change based on their personal experiences, she said, but when they really believe in a true and living God, it changes their perspective and their behavior.

    “God knows you individually,” she said, “and He has the full perspective of what you can become.”

    Gibb quoted Elder Bruce R. McConkie who said those who know God become like Him. She said one’s perspective must be God’s perspective in the end or it will be worthless.

    It should change people’s perspectives to know they are all literally His spirit children, Gibb said.

    Using the example of a major Japanese city, Gibb said the pollution level was based on whether or not Mt. Fuji could be seen. Mt. Fuji was only seen 27 times in 1997 and about 43 times in 1998. The true difference could be that the observatory moved from the eighth floor to the 23rd floor, she said.

    “Perspectives do change as we go higher,” Gibb said.

    There are four aspects to earthly perspectives that can challenge people to dismiss the eternal perspective, Gibb said. They may become disinterested in spiritual concerns, deceived by distorted perceptions, influenced to compromise by Satan or distracted from their real goals.

    “How sad it will be in life when we climb ladders only to find that they are leaning against wrong walls,” Gibb said.

    “God knows you individually, and He has the full perspective of what you can become.”

    We must keep our perspective focused on God because our perspective becomes the lens through which we see our life, she said. Gibb quoted the late BYU President Rex E. Lee who said each day was a precious gift from God.

    We must find our true anchor in life, Gibb said. Only if we have developed a personal testimony of the Savior will we have the strength to face our trials.

    “Courage is faith put into action,” she said.

    God has given each of us important things to do here on earth and so we must develop our talents and God-given traits, Gibb said. We must experience all three aspects of education to help us do this, namely the Arts, Letters and Sciences, she said.

    The greatest joy comes from the peace in knowing that we are following the path that leads to eternal life, Gibb said.

    “That you may know that God is God and make His ways your ways is my prayer,” she said.

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