Life Science Museum clears animals to make way for new exhibit



    The animal exhibit at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum will be taken down in one to two weeks to make room for another exhibit, said Douglas C. Cox, assistant director of the museum.

    The exhibit displayed on the third floor is a collection of different animal heads, given to the museum by benefactor Don Cox.

    R. Kent Crookston, the dean of the College of Biology and Agriculture, said everyone should go to see the exhibit.

    The museum also has a lot to offer with its regular exhibits, he said.

    There is a wide variety of animals to see from all over the world, including an exhibit of African animals. There are also exhibits of animals from marshes and coniferous forests.

    The exhibits give the patrons a chance to learn about the animals and their habitats through signs and recordings that coincide with the life-like animals.

    Timm Smith, 18, a freshman from Port Angeles, Wash., said he always wanted to see what was in the museum.

    “I’ve never been here before. I heard about it in biology class, so I thought I’d see what was in here. I didn’t know there were so many once-live animals here,” he said.

    “Deer Species From Around the World” is another exhibit in the atrium of the museum.

    “If you are a deer lover, you should go see this exhibit. You will see things that you’ve never seen before, including a deer with fangs,” Cox said.

    The museum will be going through a transitional phase during the next two weeks in order to open up the next exhibit.

    Starting on Feb. 9, the museum will have a new exhibit — a nature photography contest — that will run until March 18, Cox said.

    “The museum is part of the university. Therefore, it is an educational support for the university and the students,” he said.

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