BYU film to aid cancer research



    The BYU Cancer Research Center is making a promotional film to show prospective donors in an effort to raise money for cancer research, said Tyler Scoresby, student assistant to the Cancer Research Center.

    “The Vision for a Cure” will be a 5-8 minute documentary focusing on the cancer research done in the past at BYU, as well as the possibility of BYU research finding a treatment or a cure for many different cancers in the future.

    “This film has a unique focus on the research done here,” said the film’s producer, Joe Pia.

    Pia, 23, is a senior from Salt Lake majoring in philosophy and minoring in film.

    The Cancer Research Center needs donors to support itself in the future, and the main goal of the film is to attract such donors. The film details where donations to the center are allocated and will be shown to potential donors, Pia said.

    “The main purpose of this film is to get donors and raise money for the Cancer Research Center,” he said.

    Along with being shown to potential donors for informational purposes, the film promises to be entertaining and will be shown at film festivals to promote the Cancer Research Center and the Theater and Media Arts program at BYU, the project proposal says.

    The film will feature faculty and students who have made contributions to the Cancer Research Center, interwoven with the image of a race.

    The race will start out with only one runner in the beginning, but grow to more runners and support from spectators and others. The race will represent the race for a cure for cancer.

    The film will be narrated by Janet Lee, wife of the late BYU president, Rex Lee, who died of cancer.

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