‘Lights Out’ funny, but lacking



    The Valley Center Playhouse in Lindon has been family owned for 25 years. It’s an arena-type theater with seats surrounding the stage. The quaintness of it all captivated me. I snuggled in my squeaky seat and anticipated the mystery show. The lights dimmed.

    The comical spoof “Lights Out” presents a mother, Agnes Harwood, played by Marlene Arnold, and her daughter, Doris, played by Tami Gibbons. In an attempt to sell their inherited mansion, they invite three perspective buyers to their home for the weekend.

    When Doris’ mystery writer boyfriend, played by Brett Merritt, shows up, the pleasant weekend turns into a murder intrigue. Someone doesn’t want the Harwoods to sell the old mansion.

    The lights black out. A woman screams.

    The lights come on. She’s gone.

    Did you ever see the movie “Clue?”

    Yeah, it was kinda like that. There was even a maid. (Sorry boys. She wasn’t blonde or French.) And a lot of “who’s done it?”

    At intermission each audience member fills out a questionaire to guess the mystey of the old mansion. Winners receive a prize.

    A dinner certificate for two at a local restaurant is offered to the person with the “best dectective costume.” So dress up if you go.

    Now, I am morally obligated to say the show itself was a little less than off, off Broadway. The script is simple and sometimes silly with the characters, but could have been quite charming. But the actors didn’t cut it. Now, I can’t say I wasn’t entertained. They were comical and dramatic.

    I laughed. I felt happy.

    But in the character-bleievability range, they didn’t score very high. So if you’re looking for quaint family entertainment, go see “Lights Out.” If you want depth, see BYU’s “A Man for All Seasons.”

    The plays at 7:30 p.m. ever Friday, Saturday and Monday through Feb.5. Tickets cost $4 fro students, children and seniors, $5 for general admission and $20 per family. The theater is located at 780 N. 200 East in Lindon. For more information, call 785-1186.

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