‘Walk of Life’ to honor King



    The life and contributions of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. will be honored during the annual “Walk of Life” celebration Monday at 6 pm.

    The walk, sponsored by Student Life and the Black Student Union, will begin with a candle-lighting ceremony at the Carillon Bell Tower located on the east side of the Marriott Center.

    Students are invited to light candles, sing hymns and walk to the Wilkinson Center Terrace where there will be a video clip on King’s life. A former BYU student will also provide a live portrayal of King.

    “The walk of life is more than a memory of Martin Luther King. It is to celebrate the civil rights we value and those who have gone before us to make our lives better,” said Jim Slaughter, multi-cultural programming adviser.

    Although 87 percent of BYU’s student population consists of white Americans, approximately 600 students attended last year’s event, Slaughter said.

    “I think our student body is concerned with issues of fairness and equality. Many have served missions or traveled abroad and seen the opression,” Slaughter said.

    King, a christian minister and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was killed by an assassin’s bullet on April 4, 1968, after playing a key role in the civil rights movement in the South. King was characterized by his ability to maintain peaceful protests and give stirring speeches.

    Gary Daynes, an assistant professor of history, said King is the person he admires most in the history of the United States.

    “We could all learn a great deal about the requirements of citizenship and application of Christian values from Martin Luther King,” Daynes said.

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