Letter to the Editor: Quit conservative play calling


    Dear Editor:

    As a BYU graduate and life-long diehard fan, I nearly threw my remote through the screen watching the BYU vs. Utah game. In the fourth quarter of the Utah game we were so conservative and predictable that the Utes could get away with stacking nine men on the line of scrimmage and forcing two 3-and-outs in a row in crunch time. It was one of the most inept coaching displays I’ve ever seen.

    Anyone who has ever sat in the Cougar Stadium stands knows that Norm Chow is the least popular guy in Provo. If he were ever hired as the head man, he would make Roger Reid look like a PR genius. The offense is so predictable that everyone in the stadium knows exactly what play the Cougars will run long before the ball is snapped. Not to mention that Norm constantly rolls out a left-handed QB to his right, runs sweeps to the short side of the field and hands off on third and 8.

    He should look at the offenses of the Vikings, Broncos and 49ers. They mix up the run and the pass so well, and they THROW DEEP! You can get pass interference calls, or the defender may fall down, and an interception is as good as a punt. Plus it opens up the running game.

    BYU threw deep exactly one play against Utah and it was a touchdown to Carlos Nuno. We just need better situational play calling so that we’re not so predictable and conservative.

    Luckily the Utes gave us the game back after our coaches tried to give it to them. We’re going to have to be a lot smarter to beat Air Force and Tulane.

    Mark Greenwood

    Arlington, Va.

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