Letter to the Editor: Disturbing praying players wrong


    Dear Editor:

    I am writing in response to Tuesday’s letter to the editor written by Casey Willard. It is my understanding that some BYU students are claiming that Casey is biased, being from Arizona, and is trying to justify the elbow thrown at Jepson.

    Arizona may be Casey’s team; however, his point about the irreverent BYU fan is a valid one. As members of the LDS church one of Articles of Faith states we believe that all men have the right to worship when, where and how they please. The action of the disrespectful fan displays hypocrisy and this is the only issue.

    I believe if Casey was asked what is more important to him, the Church or the Arizona basketball team, he would side with the Church. The apology from the player that threw the elbow may not take away Jepson’s pain, but it does show he recognizes his mistake. I believe that the inconsiderate fan now owes the entire Arizona basketball team an apology for his lack of reverence.

    Next time think before you throw, as you represent all BYU students and the Church. Thank you Casey for bringing to our attention who we represent.

    Adam K. Heindorff

    Brisbane, Australia

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