Scharman: Seek divine help in making decisions



    Following the promptings and counsels of the Lord can have greater effects than making decisions alone.

    Dean Janet S. Scharman, assistant vice president of Student Life and dean of students urged students to seek the Lord’s help in making decisions.

    Scharman’s Devotional address, “The Lord shall take thee by the hand,” came from Doctrine and Covenants 112:10, which teaches the importance of being humble to receive help from the Lord.

    Scharman said in this time of pressure and uncertainty the Lord can be there to give direction and guidance.

    “Because Satan is constantly on the attack we sometimes forget about the Lord being beside us. We need to remember that the Lord wanted us to have this earthly experience,” Scharman said.

    Scharman said it is not always easy to follow the Lord’s council and even prophets of old sometimes had difficulty doing so.

    Scharman said prophets like Enoch and Moses felt overwhelmed when the Lord counseled them. However, they decided to follow the Lord and received many blessings for themselves and others by doing so.

    “We don’t need to start out having complete faith in the Lord … it will grow as we continue to be faithful,” Scharman said.

    Scharman said when the pressures of the world are on, what will come out will be what is genuinely inside.

    “We must take responsibility for who we are and what we must become,” Scharman said.

    Scharman said this is a time in the history of the world where great things are happening and we need to prepare for the last days.

    “Regardless of disappointments, we can be supported through them and use them as opportunities to grow,” Scharman said.

    Students who attended the Devotional were thankful for Scharman’s council and spirit.

    Bart Longson, 23, a senior from Eagle, Idaho, majoring in finance said, “Dean Scharman was very inspiring and really motivated me to set goals that are in line to God’s will.”

    Ryan Brooks, 23, a senior from Parma, Idaho majoring in advertising said, “The Devotional was very uplifting, if we just put all our faith in the Lord we can accomplish anything.”

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