Letter to the Editor: Deep sorrow felt for those who can’t take stairs


    Dear Editor:

    Recently, I have noticed the stairs in many of the buildings on campus are out of commission. I find these circumstances very disturbing and unfortunate for all of the good people on our campus who delight in the exilerance of taking the stairs. Because of the unfortunate happenstance of the stairs being broken down in many of our lovely buildings, people have no choice but to ride the elevator to the floor of their destination.

    I find this shameful and embarrassing for those people forced into this situation. I know they would love nothing more than having the challenge of walking up those stairs, feeling the throbbing of their heart. I know what disgrace they must feel when they read the message by the elevator that states, “Please take the stairs for your heart’s sake, unless under doctors orders or over 65.”

    I feel a deep sorrow and empathy for the dilemma these people encounter when faced with the choice of taking the elevator or of staying where they are and idling their time away, for the only course whereby they may be actively engaged in a good cause is at their point of destination — which destination they can only reach through the transport of the elevator.

    I wish to see these individuals suffer no longer. I wish to see them set free! They have overcome their trial and endured it well. I believe they have been refined for their patience and long suffering. So I plead for them now: Physical Facilities, please repair the stairs and return them to commission!

    C.J. Koyle

    Grace, Idaho

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