Take precautions to stay safe during Halloween activities



    Children need to beware of physical dangers as well as ghosts and goblins this Halloween.

    According to the Utah Safety Council, Halloween can be an exciting time for children, but it can also be quite dangerous.

    Some of the more prevalent Halloween accidents are caused by poor choices of costumes said Sandy Brady, patrol specialist of the Provo Police Department.

    “For kids, if they are wearing masks, it is difficult for them to see,” Brady said. “And drivers may not be able to see children who wear dark colored costumes.”

    The Utah Safety Council also offers tips to ensure a safe Halloween. According to the council’s tips to keep kids safe on Halloween, costumes should fit children well and not be restrictive. They should also wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable.

    The council recommends that children wear face paint instead of masks. Costume props such as swords or other accessories should be made out of cardboard or soft material. Also light-colored or reflective material will help motorists to see children.

    Other activities besides trick-or-treating will be available for children on Halloween.

    Deseret Towers will be sponsoring the fourth annual Deseret Towers Halloween Howl. All children living in Wymount and Wyview are invited to trick-or-treat and participate in other activities in selected halls of Deseret Towers. The activity will go from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

    “There is always a concern about safety and places to go for Halloween activities,” said Ron Jones, assistant manager of Deseret Towers.

    The Deseret Towers Halloween Howl offers a safe and comfortable environment for trick-or-treaters, Jones said.

    “I think that is one of the reasons why it is popular,” Jones said.

    There will also be an University Police officer at the crosswalk on 900 East between the Oak Hills chapel and Deseret Towers, said Lieutenant Aaron Rhoades, University Police traffic and parking services manager. The officer will assist children crossing the street from Wymount to Deseret Towers.

    Rhoades also said that drivers need to be more careful on Halloween. They should drive slower, especially near pedestrian crossings.

    The University Mall will also host Halloween activities for children on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. The event will involve various activities such as a costume parade, a costume contest, and trick-or-treating throughout the mall.

    As a part of the mall activities, FM-100 will also sponsor the “Tricks and Treats” safety program, said Gayle Falardeau, promotion director of FM100.

    Vince and Larry, the Utah Highway safety crash dummies will be at the mall for children to meet and talk with. A real FBI agent will also be there discussing child Halloween safety. Activity organizers will also be handing out reflective stickers for children to wear on their costumes, Falardeau said.

    Safety is also important for older Halloween trick-or-treaters.

    Sgt. Bob Eyre, University Police crime prevention specialist, said that many accidents on Halloween are caused by pranksters. Eyre said that attending an organized activity would be a better option rather than participating in pranks.

    “The best thing you can do is go to a dance or a party where there is an organized activity,” Eyre said “That is where (you) are going to have the most fun.”

    Eyre said that it is preferable that people do not play pranks, but if they do, they should think about what they are doing first.

    “Don’t do pranks that would hurt or injure other people,” Eyre said.

    Steve Baker, director of the Honor Code Office also recommended that people think things through before doing them.

    “When we have holidays, we may not always stop and think if the things we are doing may be safe or appropriate,” Baker said.

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