BYU Women unite in service and monthly events



    The members of BYU Women are “Looking into the Future” and “Smelling the Roses Along the Way.”

    This year’s theme for BYU Women is “Look into the Future,” with a sub-theme of “Smelling the Roses Along the Way,” which means to enjoy the process of living and preparing for the future, said Marilyn Barton, President of BYU Women.

    BYU Women was established in 1916. It consists of past and present full-time employees of BYU, or women whose husbands are present or past full-time employees.

    Today more than 250 women are on the mailing list and about 100 participate in every monthly event. The organization runs from September to April, with every year incorporating a different theme and service project.

    BYU Women represents all women at BYU who stand strong to support BYU’s standards and values, Barton said. The organization is in accordance with BYU’s motto, “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.” The organization has monthly activities that educate women and enhance their lives, she said.

    Ruth Cannon, honorary member of BYU Women, said the organization is a great opportunity to help the community, associate with sisters, participate in good programs with great speakers and music, uplift one another and enjoy each others’ talents.

    The organization is great because it allows all BYU departments to become acquainted with each other and to learn from everyone, said Sharon Geurts, BYU Women program director.

    “The great benefit of the organization is its consistency. It’s always running no matter what,” Geurts said. All women have different phases in their lives in which they are busier than other times and they can’t come to all of the events, but no matter what happens they are always welcome back when they have the time to participate, she said.

    BYU Women offers a variety of activities for all types of personalities. If a member is not interested in one activity, they can always attend the next event, Geurts said.

    Two activities are planned for next month. Nov. 10, a bus will charter BYU Women to the governor’s mansion, where Jacquelyn Leavitt, wife of Gov. Mike Leavitt, will speak.

    Nov. 14, BYU Women will finish their service project. They will assemble 80 packets for orphans in Africa. Some of the items included in the packets will be a bag, school supplies, toys, silverware, toiletries and a book. The Young Ambassadors will speak about their experiences with the African people from their tour to Africa and perform African numbers so the women can relate more with the service project, Barton said.

    For more information call Marilyn Barton at 374-6443.

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